IN-STAL Ltd. offers a wide scope of performance and assembly of the steelwork, comprehensive paintig works and anticorrosive protection. The main lines of our activity are as follows:

1. Performance of the steelwork made of black and acid – proof (stainless) steel:

1. various steel constructions

* tanks
* parts of machinery and installations
* fuel oil and ash conveyors
* dust removal ducts
* elements of overhead travelling cranes
* steel constructions of incinerators

2. elements of technological pipelines
3. repairs of machinery and installations in:

* chemical
* shipbuilding
* food
* thermal power engineering industries

2. Assembly of the steelwork
3. Assembly of:

* boilers
* elements for sewage systems
* boiler – rooms
* technological pipelines
* water purification plants

4. Anticorrosive protection and painting works:

* technical advise and a selection of a proper protection technology
* sandblasting using various kinds of abrasive materials
* execution of painting coats using the airless method
* metal spraying with aluminium, zinc and other metallic coats
* performance of fire – proof protection of the steelwork of halls and buildings
* repairs of vehicles and the steelwork rearding the anticorrosive protection

The company has production halls of a total surface of 2000m2, equipped with machinery and technological equipment and overhead travelling cranes of a lifting capacity of 5 tons. In our company we employ dozens of the workers who have high qualifications and long – lasting professional experience acuired in Poland and abroad.
We provide supervision over welding processes carried out in our company by a company certified by SLV, UDT, TÜV,and DNV. This company carries out among other things:

* elaboration of the welding technological documentation
* supervision over a proper welding process
* supervision of the welders, their selection and training and a verification of the welders’ permits
* co – operation with research centres regarding a development in the welding technology

Our offer means good workmanship, meeting delivery dates and such a spectrum of activity that is found fully professional by our clients.